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  • Cancer is real, so is He

    In 2003, death became very real to me when I learned that I had breast cancer. Although I was recommended a barrage of treatments by my doctors and the possibility of a cure, that reality continued to hang over me...
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  • Real God - Real Friends

    With the gravity of the problems I have faced over the last year, I would have been severely beaten down and I don’t know if I would have gotten back up. Now, I have a better grasp on these problems because I have not had to bear them all alone. God through my friends continually lift me up and kept me from staying down for too long...
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Sunday Services at

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On US-41 (Cobb Parkway) – Northbound

On US-41 (Cobb Parkway) – Southbound

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New Beginnings United Methodist Church

Hello and welcome to New Beginnings.  If you are looking at us for the first time, we are honored to tell you about the most exciting church in Cobb County.  What makes us exciting?  We offer “A Real God for Real People”.  That means that we are not here to judge you on how you dress, how you live, or how you believe.  We believe that our purpose is to love real people right where they are and introduce them to a God who also loves them.

Our worship services are upbeat and casual with a taste of traditional thrown in.  Our messages are Biblical and applicable to the real lives that people live today.  Our name, New Beginnings, has proven very appropriate to many people as they have come to find a new start with God by worshiping here.

We invite you to come and check us out and let us get to know you.  Come as you are in every way.  We promise that you will be made to feel welcome.

New Beginnings UMC
2925 Mack Dobbs Road
Kennesaw, GA 30152
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