After much time spent in prayer with God, I have decided that as shepherd I must guard my sheep with great care and therefore I am calling for an immediate halt to all services and meetings at New Beginnings UMC until further notice. Our President and our Governor have made it clear that no place is safe from this pandemic. This COVID-19 Coronavirus is unprecedented, highly contagious, lives longer on surfaces, and moves quickly to severe pneumonia especially in older people.

With the new CDC recommendations yesterday stating our gatherings need to be less than 10, services and meetings are now out of the question. We will now go to virtual live streaming of sermons. The Scouts and the Brazilian Church have been cancelled as well until further notice.

I am hopeful that this cancellation will not be long. I am hopeful that this will be a season for me to learn new ways to reach out via live streaming to reach more of you. I am hopeful that absence will make our hearts grow fonder for one another. I am hopeful that a vaccine/cure is forthcoming for the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

I encourage all our members to STAY—stay in prayer; stay in Holy Scripture; stay at home; stay well and get medical care and medicines when needed; stay current with your tithes and offerings; stay in touch with friends, neighbors, members and especially those who cannot get out; and most of all—stay alive in Christ!

In The Service of Jesus Christ Forever,
Rev. Dr. Mike Shearon, Pastor in Charge
New Beginnings United Methodist Church