Procedures in place to protect our in-person worshippers –

  • Door is opened by greeter as each person arrives or door is propped open.
  • Door handles are wiped as needed.
  • Members are directed to go directly to sanctuary.
  • Hand sanitizer are on front table for all to use.
  • Face masks are required.
  • Masks will be provided for those unable to bring their own.
  • No congregating in the lobby!
  • No coffee service is provided.
  • Please go outside to socialize and use the Social Distancing guidelines.
  • Collection box will be at the door of the sanctuary. No passing of the plate.
  • Staggered seating is encouraged.
  • 6 feet rule applies unless family unit wishes to sit together.
  • No prayer circle before the service and no hand holding at the Benediction.
  • Services will continue to be taped and available on FB.

Thank you from your Church Council!