Newness At New Beginnings UMC

New Beginnings United Methodist Church in is having some of its own new beginnings!

One is a new Bible study on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm in Room 104 focusing on “HEAVEN” by Randy Alcorn and is being lead by Diane O’Donnell. Diane has been facilitating a Grief Share support group for about two years at NBUMC and recently finished a new series called “HAPPINESS” by the same author.

Another new Bible study on Wednesday evening at 7pm in Room 105 focuses on Genesis (I am leading that one). It is called “IN THE BEGINNING” which seems appropriate for a church named New Beginnings. There is also a new group that meets and brings new concerns and praises before God’s Throne in humble prayer. This is group reminds me of the movie “War Room” and is called “PRAYER-TIME.” Facilitated by Thelma Ross and Moneen Harwell in Room 105 on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm, it is open to everyone and is a time of communing through prayer with God.
We also have new things happening on Sunday mornings. We have a new SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS on Adam Hamilton’s Book “Half Truths” starting October 2 during 10:45 service and will have Joel and Courtney Williams as the new facilitators. In case you have not been to our church before or in a while, you find something new changes. I am the new PASTOR and a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to HOLY COMMUNION (which we celebrate the first Sunday of each month). I honor the New Beginnings UMC tradition of informal attire every Sunday except 1st Sunday in which I wear the ROBE AND STOLE (you folks still come as you are). This stole represents the priesthood to which I belong and the robe symbolizes the blood of Jesus that covers my own sins and shortcomings.
We are making some changes this Saturday. It is the CHURCH WORK-DAY and begins at 8am. There will be new LINES painted in the parking lots and possibly some trees cut down by the crosses and a new FACELIFT for the church both inside and out. Volunteers are needed to come and do whatever God leads you to do. The same day at 4pm we have our 2nd game of our 2017 FALL MENS CHURCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE TEAM at Kenworth Park in Acworth. We have a new and improved team of 15 men and many of us are looking forward to putting on the new JERSEYS that should be ready.
We are on a journey at New Beginnings to enhance our worship services with a new CHOIR DIRECTOR in place by October 1. Interviews are being conducted this week and are also seeking a new PIANIST. We are going to have our first SPECIAL OFFERING this Sunday and it will be for a project called “No More Hotels.” It is an offering for the United Methodist Children’s Home to facilitate more room for children so that there can be a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment provided by the church instead of the cold reality that children are being placed by the court system into hotels with “state contractors” who are strangers to them. We are going to work with the other churches of North Georgia to make a new REALITY for these kids.
Speaking of kids, I am excited about experiencing my first service (since Vacation Bible School) this Sunday with the little ones of JAM KIDS CHOIR singing to us. This group meets every Sunday in Room 104 from 4-4:45pm practicing NEW MUSIC. Lolly Wildharber, with the help of many others, facilitates this choir of 12. Melody Abel does an outstanding job with our overseeing our children’s program (which includes providing a SAFE SANCTUARY for about 20 children and 10 babies on Sunday mornings). She also oversees our Sunday and Wednesday Youth programs (average attendance about a dozen, mostly middle-schoolers).
Dan and John Faulkner, Scott Penner, and many other volunteers have been bringing in new members in our BOY AND CUB SCOUT MINISTRY PROGRAM. Our Boy Scouts number 80 and typically have 60 members on Monday evening. Our Cub Scouts have grown to 62 members with 47 members meeting on Monday night and the younger ones meet on Friday evening and number about 15 members. Add to this count of each child having at least one parent involved in scouting equates an enormous number of potential future members.
In the good order of making all our finances transparent to our members,no we have a new STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE. We are so glad that Davis Watkins is our new CHAIRPERSON and are thankful to all the ones who have signed on to help him in the formation of this vital group. They had their first meeting this past Monday evening and I feel that God is blessing this church with a new MINDSET towards faithfulness to God and His Kingdom.
I am looking forward to my first trip to RED BIRD MISSIONS in Kentucky next month. We have 20 members going on this trip and my prayer is that some will join me in January for their first INTERNATIONAL MISSION TRIP TO NICARAGUA. This will also be my first appointment that has both a PUMPKIN PATCH and a CHRISTMAS TREE VILLAGE. The first helps underwrite the many ministries of New Beginnings and the latter helps fund the huge Scouting Program.
There are many other ministries not named in this blog such as MUST MINISTRIES, THE GOOD LIFE GROUP, CALVARY AND THE UMC CHILDREN’S HOMES, SHILOH FOOD PANTRY, AND OUR MISSION SUPPORT TO COMMISSARIES OVERSEAS that are all new discoveries for the new pastor that New Beginnings UMC is growing our people spiritually and numerically. I have intentionally capitalized the new ministries that are beginning and the ones that are new to me. I pray that God will continue to grow the groups mentioned, the ones I may not have named, and the ones that God has plans to give begin.

What an exciting time to begin a new start as the new pastor at New Beginnings!

Dr. Mike Shearon