Don’t Judge a Church by It’s Size

Sometimes people assume that big churches do big things for God and the small churches do…well little things. Some people may surf the web for closest church and judge it by its webpage or exterior design. New Beginnings UMC is a small-sized church offering two services on most Sundays (Christmas Day and New Year’s Day only one servicer at 10:45am). Not too big, not too small. Just right. Our exterior is like our ministries…mission style.

There are about 23 different ministries at New Beginnings UMC. For the 12 days of Christmas, I will name only twelve:

  1. Shiloh Food Pantry –more than a hundred boxes of food for Thanksgiving alone.
  2. Calvary Children’s Home—more than 100 gifts per year for the 32 kids.
  3. MUST Ministries— provide about 100 lunches per week during the summer.
  4. Samarian’s Purse—truckload of 175 Christmas boxes so children around the world can receive a gift.
  5. Cancer Patients—more than 40 blankets given away to person undergoing chemo and we had “No-Shave November.”
  6. Troop support -Coupons given to U.S. troops overseas for use in commissaries totaling more than $17,550 per month in savings.
  7. Red Bird Mission—19 NBUMC missioners helped in 3 house projects in Beverly, KY summer 2016.
  8. Nicaraguan Mission Team—next trip in January 2017 and raised $1100 so far for concrete church floor.
  9. Bible Study—we offer a variety of times during the week.
  10. Sunday School—during both services on Sundays.
  11. Scouting Ministry—more than 60 Boy Scouts, 30 Cub Scouts, and two Girl Scout groups gather here.
  12. Cobb Pregnancy Resource Center—we help not only pregnant teens, but also abused, battered, and poor families through this Kennesaw agency.

New Beginnings is not a big church, but we are big into mission work. Come find your passion in ministry in a Christ-center, Bible-based, Jesus-praising, Holy Spirit-filled house of God!