Life is Like a Rock Song

Life is like a rock song. Many church folks forgot to set their clocks forward. I noticed our second service attendance was much higher than the first service…wondering to myself, “How many of these are really first service attenders who overslept? How many are so sleepy they do not even know that this is second service?” The rock band Chicago had a song entitled, “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?” And the pastor’s response was the line that follows, “Does anybody really care?”

We set our calendars and look at our watches for events that are important to us. We arrive early to doctor offices to allow time to fill out forms. I used to be a walk-in to barber shops, but now I set appointments 3-4 weeks out with my niece Aubrey to have my hair styled (that’s right styled). I even arrive early to our NBUMC Men’s Group Lunch at Guston’s Restaurant every Tuesday before noon so I won’t be the last one there (the last one gets teased for being late). We take time to make time for things that are important to us.

The theological question of today is “Do we make time for things that are important to God?” Do we make time to commune with God in prayer at a set time (be truthful)? Do we make time to speak gratefully and respectfully to the One who blesses you with bread and food before you dig in? I wonder how many Bibles are considered Holy Scriptures to be read and meditated over…but many treat them as coffee table accessories to be dusted off as need be. We pray for ourselves when in a tight spot, but do we lift up in prayer our members of our church family who are going through a rough time?

The real question is: Do we honor Sabbath and worship God with all our hearts, mind, and soul? Sunday has become for the secular a day to sleep in, go to the local park, or watch a sporting event. I love a good Braves game as much as the next person. Before her death, my family used to love to go to Holly’s grandmother home to watch the Braves on Sunday afternoons with Holly’s large family. We would be there on time especially when she prepared lunch before the game. But I also know that she would tell us, “Ya’ll come on over… after you go to church!” She really did have her priorities right. Yes, she knew what time the Braves came on, but more importantly she knew what time God’s people gathered for worship and she really did care that everyone knew they needed to be there. I am just saying, life is like a rock song by Chicago… and Mimi Abercrombie, Holly’s grandmother, knew and cared.