Flame On!

The Lord can speak to us in the middle of the night. Sometimes He can be rather chatty, and other times…perhaps whispering a one-syllable word. Sometimes He is like an excited child running to my bed in the middle of the night (usually a Saturday night before I have to preach the next morning). I want to rest and say “look, we need to close our eyes until the sun comes up.” God responds, “But you can not see the sunrise with your eyes closed!” I pray that the Lord will continue to wake us up to new possibilities for spreading the Good News about His Son, Jesus Christ. New people come to New Beginnings UMC hoping to find answers to their questions, discover something more than what the world offers, and looking for a place to belong. Help us O Lord, to always have a passion for the lost, hurting sinners of the world…especially the ones you send here and remind us to offer them Jesus Christ!

John Wesley said, “Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” Be a human torch for Christ…FLAME ON!