Day Three of The Mission Trip-Monday


We picked up six teenage boys from the HCN (El Ayudante Children’s Center) and they acted more natural than the day before (quiet and “cool”) around the girls. One fell asleep leaning on Gary as we bounced down the bumpy road back home in back of the Rambo bus. They gave each of us a firm handshake and a hug at the end of the day and were very appreciative of the funds we gave them for working.

The ladies of our team went to the Ruben Dario Sewing School and a twelve year-old girl taught the class! They enjoyed lunch prepared by the staff of El Ayudante’. Meanwhile, back at Salinas Grande, we enjoyed fresh Pacific Ocean fish prepared and shared by Pastor Portfirio’s wife Margarita. This was one of my favorite events of the trip. Another glory moment was experienced when more than forty people gathered to pray together to celebrate the installation of the new outhouse behind the church. When the pastor said, “Let us pray,” everyone prayed out-loud (it was not a “Let me pray” moment). Amidst “Halleluyah!” and “Gloria!” I could tell everyone pouring out their hearts to God in their own language. After the final “Amen,” I looked up and saw everyone crying in joy! Yes, everyone…the local community folks, the construction workers, and our mission team members!