Nica Blog

Many of my friends and colleagues ask me “What is the news from Nicaragua?” I tell them that I goggle “Latest News from Nicaragua” for my daily updates. There is a severe crisis between the existing government of Daniel Ortega and the party that put him into power. I do not claim to understand all the details of what is going on, but I will share what I do know.

New Beginnings UMC, along with a small coalition of other Methodists churches in the Southeastern U.S., has provided financial support and mission teams to some fellow Christians in Nicaragua for many years. We have always worked together with both the Nicaraguan government and churches to provide and enhance constructional, medical, and educational assistance to our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Things have changed. We can no longer send mission teams to assist in construction because of safety reasons. The Annual January Education Conference in Leon has been cancelled and the Fall Pastors and Spouses Conference will probably be also. The government, which has allowed our rural medical clinics to provide free dental care, doctor visits and medicines, now no longer permits these services and has shutdown or impeded the efforts to heal and save lives. Yet despite our inabilities, God is with them. Our Nicaraguan sisters and brothers continue to serve Christ by serving others. Being wise as serpents and gentle as doves, they have shown a willingness to lay down their lives, if necessary, for others. Jesus Christ taught us is there is no greater love one can have. I praise the Lord for their courage to preserve despite their possible persecution.

What is to come? I do not know when we can return, but I do know that we all serve the same King Jesus. He rules over the rulers and He will determine the exact perfect time for what is next. I pray for Nicaragua and her people. I pray for God to change the hearts of all who rule, including Daniel Ortega and his wife, that all may come to repentance and acknowledge King Jesus in their words and actions. I pray for God to bring New Beginnings to Nicaragua! His Will shall be done, Gloria and Halleluyah!