“I am not perfect, but …..

“I am not perfect, but I am still able to do good!” This is my son’s new motto. It is simple, yet wonderful in theology. Now realize Joel is chanting this benediction in a serious hot-yoga mediation/workout class. I call it the Eastern version of a Native American sweat lodge. But he is also a … [Read more…]

Return to Nicaragua

     After the civil unrest in Nicaragua last April, the U.S. Embassy in late November gave travelers a green light to return. The first team back into Nicaragua was a coalition of five North Georgia Conference United Methodist Churches who were eager to check on the isolated communities whom they love and support. The thirteen … [Read more…]

Sticks and stones….

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. This childhood chant is reported to have appeared in The Christian Recorder of March 1862, a publication of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, where it is presented as an “old adage.”The purpose of this rhyme is to suggest that one should ignore name-calling or disparaging … [Read more…]

Nica Blog

Many of my friends and colleagues ask me “What is the news from Nicaragua?” I tell them that I goggle “Latest News from Nicaragua” for my daily updates. There is a severe crisis between the existing government of Daniel Ortega and the party that put him into power. I do not claim to understand all … [Read more…]

Missing a Buddy Named Steve

Missing a Buddy Named Steve             I attended a wonderful celebration of remembrance for my good friend Steve Stanridge at Lithia Springs UMC. Most of the stories shared there I had already heard from Steve himself over the last 30 years. The speakers did an excellent job of capturing the essence and aura of my … [Read more…]

Day Three of The Mission Trip-Monday

DAY THREE OF MISSION TRIP We picked up six teenage boys from the HCN (El Ayudante Children’s Center) and they acted more natural than the day before (quiet and “cool”) around the girls. One fell asleep leaning on Gary as we bounced down the bumpy road back home in back of the Rambo bus. They … [Read more…]

Day Two of The Mission Trip-Sunday

Day 2 of Mission Trip: Sunday We climbed into the back of the “Rambo Truck” to sit on narrow bench seats for a one-hour-bouncy ride to Las Parcelas. A bicyclist escaped tragedy by the skin of his teeth, saved only by the quick reaction of our driver Roger. The bicyclist came from Roger’s left blind-side … [Read more…]

Day One of The Mission Trip-Saturday

DAY ONE OF THE MISSION TRIP-SATURDAY  After a one-and-half hour delay in departing from Atlanta, we arrived in Managua with all of its city lights around 11pm on Friday. We rode in an old school bus to Leon in total darkness. We stopped at a convenience store and I bought two large bottles of water … [Read more…]


Leftovers             Many people think of the term “leftovers” as food that is uneaten or the extra that is saved for later. I wish to focus on a different type of leftovers…the parts of a sermon that do not make it through the final edit; the balled-up pieces of paper that hit the floor by … [Read more…]

November Events

Greetings – November is going to be busy, busy, busy! One of the most important events is a New Beginnings 101 class at 12:15pm November 5th for those who desire to know more about our church. RSVP to the office (770-421-9980) is appreciated so we can prepare a sufficient amount of lunch. Ticket sales and … [Read more…]