Church Work Day

Our Trustee Chairperson Gary Crawley said, “I can’t believe it. More than 40 people came out to this past Saturday’s workday. The two previous ones we had five to seven people to show up. Even back in the day when we had twice as many people attending as we do now, the most we ever … [Read more…]

Newness At New Beginnings UMC

New Beginnings United Methodist Church in is having some of its own new beginnings! One is a new Bible study on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm in Room 104 focusing on “HEAVEN” by Randy Alcorn and is being lead by Diane O’Donnell. Diane has been facilitating a Grief Share support group for about two years at … [Read more…]

I was thinking….

Please enjoy this blog from DS Terry Walton. I was thinking… Our oldest granddaughter is seven years of age and smart as any seven year old granddaughter could be. Several years ago, I was impressed with her knowledge as a five year old and I told her so. Her response was, “Pop, I’m always thinking!” … [Read more…]


I have discovered that ministry is always full of promise because Jesus Christ is the One giving us the promise and assurance. He alone provides the power to accomplish the good work which is begun in His Name. Karl Barth assures us that the Holy Spirit will back up the personal Word of the living … [Read more…]

Connecting with Church Guests

Dear New Beginnings UMC Members, I have a close friend named Rev. Bob Farr who co-wrote a book called Get Their Name: Growing Your Church by Building New Relationships (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2013). While New Beginnings is already doing many of these steps, it does not hurt to see if we can include any steps … [Read more…]

King David Rejoices

This coming Sunday I will be sharing about King David rejoicing before the LORD (2 Sam. 6:1-5,12b-19). I could have chosen any number of the Psalms, Nehemiah, Isaiah, or believe it or not, Job. Yes, even in the midst of his suffering, Job proclaimed that God will “fill your mouth with laughter and your lips … [Read more…]